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Rumi Fashion Blog

rumi fashion blog

  • Jalal ad-Din Mu?ammad Balkhi (?????????? ???? ????), also known as Jalal ad-Din Mu?ammad Rumi (?????????? ???? ????), and popularly known as Mowlana (??????) but known to the English-speaking world simply as RumiNOTE: Transliteration of the Arabic alphabet into English varies.

  • Shafi Imam Rumi (??? ???? ????) was a guerrilla fighter of the Bangladesh Liberation War. He was the eldest son of Jahanara Imam.

  • Rumi (born November 29, 1980) is a Persian-Canadian Singer-songwriter and a Photographer who is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

rumi fashion blog - The Essential

The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition

The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition

The best-selling Rumi book ever is now better than ever! This revised and expanded edition of the comprehensive one-volume edition of America?s most popular poet includes a new introduction by Coleman Barks, and 57 new poems never published before.
The ecstatic, spiritual poetry of Rumi is more popular than ever, and The Essential Rumi continues to be far and away the top-selling title of all Rumi books. With the addition of many new poems and a new introduction, The Essential Rumi is now clearly the definitive, and most delightful selection of Rumi?s poetry.

No translator could do greater justice to the gorgeous simplicity of Rumi's poetry than Coleman Barks has done here. These exquisite renderings of the 13th-century Persian mystic's words into American free verse capture all the "inner searching, the delicacy, and simple groundedness" that characterize Rumi's poetry while remaining faithful to the images, tone, and spiritual message of the originals. Barks's introductions to each of the 27 sections (described as "playful palimpsests spread over Rumi's imagination," and "meant to confuse scholars who would divide Rumi's poetry into the accepted categories") are themselves wonderful achievements of a poetic imagination; searching explanations of unfamiliar concepts and funny stories provide colorful background and frame the selections as no dry historical exegesis could.
While Barks's stamp on this collection is clear, it in no way interferes with the poems themselves; Rumi's voice leaps off these pages with an ecstatic energy that leaves readers breathless. There are poems of love, rage, sadness, pleading, and longing; passionate outbursts about the torture of longing for his beloved and the sweet pleasure that comes from their union; amusing stories of sexual exploits or human weakness; and quiet truths about the beauty and variety of human emotion. More than anything, Rumi makes plain the unbridled joy that comes from living life fully, urging us always to put aside our fears and take the risk to do so. As he says: "The way of love is not / a subtle argument. / The door there is devastation. / Birds make great sky-circles / of their freedom. / How do they learn it? / They fall, and falling, / they're given wings." --Uma Kukathas

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this one is really old sketch that i made when i was in college.

rumi is a style of turkish art which was from 10th century. rumi's inspirations are wild animals and people were using those animals when they were creating beautiful motifs.

i tried to combine the elements of rumi art and creat a woman silhouette.

Fave Fashion Bloggers

Fave Fashion Bloggers

Rumi from fashiontoast, karla from karla's closet and aliz from cherry blossom girl.

rumi fashion blog

rumi fashion blog

Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing

The Sufi mystic and poet Jalaluddin Rumi is most beloved for his poems expressing the ecstasies and mysteries of love in all its forms—erotic, platonic, divine—and Coleman Barks presents the best of them in this delightful and inspiring collection. Rendered with freshness, intensity, and beauty as Barks alone can do, these startling and rich poems range from the "wholeness" one experiences with a true lover, to the grief of a lover's loss, and all the states in between: from the madness of sudden love to the shifting of a romance to deep friendship to the immersion in divine love. Rumi, the ultimate poet of love, explores all "the magnificent regions of the heart," and he opens you to the lover within. Coleman Barks has made this medieval, Persian-born (present-day Afghanistan) poetic and spiritual genius the most popular poet in America today. This seductive volume reveals Rumi's charms and depths more than any other.

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